Today is your lucky day: Italian moms usually don’t share their cooking secrets outside the family….but my mamma Isa has been kind enough to let me teach you in my Skillshare Video Tutorial her personal recipe to make amazing POTATO GNOCCHI WITH BASIL PESTO.

I had the idea to ask her about this recipe because I’m usually spending my summers in Liguria and I always enjoy a dish of potato gnocchi with pesto, a true specialty of this Italian region.

If you like pasta you’ll adore potato gnocchi. They are a very tasty and healthy alternative to pasta, extremely easy to make and that can be seasoned (just like pasta) with a lot of different sauces.

Are you ready to start?

What you’ll learn in the tutorial about Gnocchi with Pesto

In my mamma’s cookbook I found all her tricks to prepare the recipe in the traditional way. You’ll learn:

1) how to give to Pesto the perfect light green color, which is very important because it means that basil maintained all its properties and its amazing aroma, also after the preparation. Believe me, once you’ve tried the real homemade pesto you’ll be able to recognize, and avoid, imitations;

2) how to give Potato Gnocchi the ideal consistency they need thanks to the perfect dosing of potatoes and flour;

3) the only traditional way to serve the dish adding a couple of necessary ingredients: this is a secret mostly unknown outside of Italy.

I bet that now you can’t wait to start the preparation and see all the steps in my video tutorial!

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