Cooking For Your Date - Title
June is the month for LOVE! Summer is starting, hot makes us take off our clothes…and we are ready for new adventures. That is why on top of my new TV show on Italian Sky Platform where I teach recipes for hot dates, I offer you a seductive promotion on the Skillshare tutorial “Cooking for your Date” where you can find a lovely three-course Italian menu to drive your love crazy for you!

I have already talked to you about my video tutorial (check out The Lasagna series ) on SKILLSHARE platform. It’s an e-learning community where everybody can share their skills and passions uploading easy to watch video lectures so that all the subscribers (now we are almost 5 millions) could choose what they want to learn and improve themselves. 

What you’ll learn in Cooking for Your Date

“COOKING FOR YOUR DATE” to me means preparing a special dinner for somebody you are sharing your life with, inviting your love interest at home for a romantic night, impressing a new flame with your cooking style….

Believe me, in all of these cases Italian food will do the trick with guaranteed results!

In “COOKING FOR YOUR DATE” I chose three extremely easy and fun to do recipes that will be tasting Italian, but also looking Italian since the main colors will be green, white and red!
Appetizer (antipasto): Tomato Caprese with Mozzarella Mousse & Basil Pesto
First Course (primo): Pasta with Vodka Sauce & Salmon
Dessert (dolce): Strawberry Tiramisu’

Special June Promotion.

For the month of June I can offer a very special promotion: using this link you can subscribe FOR FREE FOR TWO MONTHS and watch all my lessons and the other Premium lessons on the platform. At the end of the two months you can decide to become an Premium subscriber yourselves or not.
You’ll be able to access thousands of videos sharing all possible skills like Make Effective Talking Head Videos (another of my most popular classes), editing a video on i-movie, write a short story, optimize your blog, be amazing on Instagram or prepare wonderful Italian food! 
I’ll see you on Skillshare and please let me know how you dates go!

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