The movie Jumanji, Welcome to the Jungle, played and produced by former Wrestling legend Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” is the new smoldering box office hit.

The reboot of 1995 Robin Williams movie has by far exceeded Sony’s expectations and had the power to beat, even only for a few days, Star Wars daily ticket sales. 

And it hasn’t opened in China, yet…

Jumanji, Welcome to the Jungle represents a very well thought through  cinematic experiment thanks to the perfect balance between super funny characters played by strong comic actors like Jack Black and Kevin Hart and more “physical” actors like Dwayne Johnson and kicking ass Karen Gillian that drew quite comical skills themselves.

The plot is similar to the book and previous movie: a group of high school teenagers, still dealing with their teen dramas, are grounded by their principal in a basement and decide to pass their time by playing an old videogame: Jumanji.

They suddenly find themselves sucked inside Jumanji’s world and in the bodies of their avatars: experience very satisfying for the nerd one which acquires The Rock’s muscles and totally disconcerting for the popular girl that gets transformed into a middle age fat guy (always overly funny Jack Black). Adventure is the key feature of the movie, but the screenwriters never forget to give a real soul to the characters that while finishing the single levels of the game recognize a personal growth that will follow them in the real life. 

Engine of the big success of Jumanji movie is without doubt our beloved Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for whom it wasn’t enough to win all the championships in the world, beat all possible records and enter in the Hall of Fame of the best athletes ever, he also had to become an accomplished entertainer. And he made it: he reinvented himself an A-list actor and producer! 

One of his mottos is definitely: “Legends don’t retire. They reinvent.”

After a firing debut in the box office hit movie Scorpion King he followed his heart and played both action and self ironic roles like The Tooth Fairy and Central Intelligence (with his pal Kevin Hart). Of course, he owes his muscles the fame thanks to two grossing films Fast&Furious franchise, San Andreas and Baywatch.

Moreover, he has not stopped his sports career since he started accepting Wrestling challenges again and he keeps on sharing with his fans his killer training routines on his highly followed social networks (Instagram @TheRock).

In fact, he is a very much loved celebrity, not only because he is a charming and successful man, but also because he has quite a “gentleman” aurea thanks to his good natured personality, his great passion for family and the attention to what’s politically correct in Hollywood. To this regard, he has already announced that he will wear a black tux on the Golden Globes’ red carpet aligning with actresses like Emma Stone and Meryl Streep who want to remember their colleagues involved in the sex scandals exploded last year.

And since THE ROCK looks also like a very sweet chap 🙂 I’ll prepare in his honor a bunch of ROCKY ROAD BROWNIES.

Title: Jumanji Rocky Road Brownies

Director: Elena and The Rock 🙂

Cast (of ingredients :))

6oz of chocolate, 3/4 cup of butter, 1 cup of sugar, 1/2 spoon of salt, vanilla, 2 eggs, 1/4 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of marshmallows, 4oz of walnuts, chocolate chips, chocolate.


Melt bain-marie the chocolate with the butter, the sugar and the salt and whisk till it becomes a very smooths salsa.


Pour in a bowl and let cool for 10 minutes then add the vanilla.
Mix one egg at the time, the flour very slowly and mix very very well with a wooden spoon.

INT. OVEN — 30/35 + 5 + 3 MINUTES

Bake for 30/35 minutes at 350F. When the time has passed, take off the pan but don’t turn off the oven. Let the brownies cool for 5 minutes then cover with chopped walnuts, marshmallows and chocolate chips. Bake for another 3 minutes.


In the meantime melt more chocolate. Sprinkle with melt chocolate and serve once cool.

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