Make Dairy free Ice Cream

Here we are at the beginning of summer and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. We need something refreshing to pamper ourselves and what’s better that home made ice cream and Italian Ice? I can hear what you are saying in front of the computer right there 🙂 that you cannot eat ice cream all day because it’s would not be good on your bodies…what if I tell you that I can teach you how to make DAIRY free ice cream and Italian ice in an healthy and easy way?


First of all let me tell you that I DON’T have an Ice Cream Maker Machine so I have experimented on how to make ice cream with the other tools I have at home: a mixer and a blender. I’ll teach you how to do it and how to choose the right fruit and ingredients to make it creamy and fun.

All the Ice cream versions you’ll find in my class are completely DAIRY FREE, this choice makes them tasty, light and healthy! Anybody can have dairy free ice cream also the always growing number of lactose intolerants (me included ;)), but of course it’s perfect for people that want to have refreshing treats everyday watching their diets.

I also wanted to include Italian ice in the class because in Italy we basically can’t go a day without having one or the other and I think that coffee Italian Ice is the best of the best!

Make Italian Ice


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