Sport+Leisure, London+Milan, Isabella+Chiara=Isàchi Athleisure.  

This is the perfect equation that brought us a new Athleisure brand completely Made in Italy. The creators are two Italian sisters, the Londoner Isabella and the Milanese Chiara, who share a great passion for sports and fashion and live in two cities full of women with hectic everyday routines, just like themselves.

Morning workout, office, lunch meeting, running in the park, dinner with friends: why renounce to something because we are not wearing the right clothes? Practical and feminine technical apparel matching both with high heels and running shoes is the answer.

This is Athleisure, this is Isàchi. Let’s hear directly from Isabella and Chiara all about it!

You are two sisters separated by distance, but united by the same passion. Tell us which was the spark the ignited this new enterprise together.

We have always bonded thanks to the passion for living new adventures together. All our travels have been a mix of resourcefulness and fatigue, but also comfort and, (why not?), some luxury. For example, we went trekking on the Drakensberg, a wonderful range of mountains in South Africa, where you cannot find any structures or camps, only endless open spaces. It has been tough and exhausting, but at the same time, amazing and fulfilling. After that experience we rewarded ourselves with a fantastic week end in Cape Town.

Our life has been ruled by work, travels and sport. We both created for ourselves a career in big American corporations, where structuring processes and managing projects is an everyday occupation. We thought that we could develop this project together successfully thanks to our managerial skills.

The spark of our idea was ignited in London, when Isabella introduced Chiara to English brands that answered perfectly her needs offering female athletic apparel with highly technical fabrics and excellent design, but that were also looking great. In Italy Chiara has never been able to find clothes like that before, a part from the usual and obvious big distribution brands, that lack the plus of elegance and design. In the last years, in Milan, sport events dedicated to women have multiplied, and we lived a proliferation of fitness, yoga and Pilates studios, on top of the famous gym chains. That is when we thought: “Chiara is not the only one that needs these products, all Italian women do! Since an Italian brand does not exists we should create it!”

I follow all of your sport activities on your social networks (Facebook and Instagram). After testing your clothes in different occasions which are the technical characteristics you are more proud of? 

Our items of clothing have the fundamental characteristic that sport apparel have to have: during the activity, you don’t feel them on your body. And they are very efficient when you need them to. For example, our jacket MiSt, has a clean look, but at the same time is a complete shell, windstopper and water resistant, light, but warm and sweat-wicking. Therefore while I’m wearing it, I can focus only on my running, my pace, my breathing and the distance. The jacket takes care of everything else.

Moreover…there is nothing better than feeling gorgeous when you are doing sports. Our theory is that you even run faster!

Isàchi is not only sport, it’s also leisure: define Athleisure in three words.

Elegance, versatility, performance.

MiKi Long Sleeves Shirt

MiKi Long Sleeves Shirt

Athleisure philosophy in clothing is very well known in London (where Isabella lives) and is catching on also in Milan (Chiara’s city). What makes this style so contemporary?

Our time, our lifestyle is always flowing. Our “spare time” in compressed in between a thousands of commitments and becomes more and more precious. We cannot change clothes for every single activity we do during the day. In the weekend, we should be able to wear a pair of leggings,  perfect for a Pilates lesson, for a lunch with friends, to go flower shopping and to go running in the park at sunset. Same goes for when you travel, a long sleeves t-shirt can be a player for the morning running and a top to go out to dinner. Athleisure is not a style, it’s a lifestyle.

Being elegant when you are sweating should not being underestimated: it pumps motivation up even more.

Your products have a very important quality that distinguishes them: they are all Made in Italy. How did you take this choice?

Exploring English brands we noticed that one of their strengths and pride, specified in all the labels, is that their items of clothing are made with “Italian fabrics”. Therefore we researched the matter thoroughly and discovered that Italy is one of the strongest producers of technical materials for sports in the whole world, including the machinery for weaving, the yarns and the final fabrics. An excellence that we could not help but praise and exalt…

Let’s make an imaginary product placement: in which movie or TV series you would like to see the protagonists wearing Isàchi products?

Probably if “Sex and The City” were shot in 2017, we would have seen the protagonists wearing leggings instead of dresses during their Sunday brunches. Leggings always worn with Manolo Blahnik shoes, of course! High heels are invaluable!

InsalataDo you like cooking? Teach us an Athleisure recipe!

We though about a salad that our mother prepares for family dinners, when we are all together. It’s simple and healthy and it’s a perfect complement for all the other gluttonous delicatessens she usually serves in these occasions.

It’s a beautiful salad made with fennel, pomegranate and endive. Cut the fennels in small and thin pieces, slice the endive and pour fresh pomegranate seeds (luckily in most supermarkets you can find them ready to use so you don’t have to spend too much time de-seeding the fruit!). Season with oil, salt and white vinegar. This salad is not only delicious, but is also wonderfully loaded with nutritional benefits starting from the antioxidant properties of the pomegranate and the healthy effects of fennel and endive on the digestive system.

Obviously it is best enjoyed with a glass of champagne…

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