Wonder Woman finally has her own picture released! Images are iconic and powerful, actions scenes are enthralling and the interaction between the two protagonists, Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, a pure joy for the eyes. What would you want more for a summer hit? An Amazon Warrior Burger!

First of all, let me express how proud I am as a woman not only because Diana is a female heroine, or because the WONDERful actress Gal Gadot is great at looking fierce, caring and compassionate at the same time, but also because this is the first superhero movie directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins (Monster). Go girls!

The film starts from the very beginning, Diana’s life before she decided to leave her enclosed community and save the world from war and evil.

Being the princess of the mythological and matriarchal society of Amazons, daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus, she has been trained harder than all the other women worriors living on Themyscira’s Island because her destiny has to be exceptional and perilous.

The impact of a plane in the water nearby the island brings to the knowledge of her the first male she ever encountered and that the world was in danger because of the horrible and bloody World War I. She knows deep down that she can make a difference by standing out for whomever can’t fight against this monstrosity.

With her pure feminine features crossed checked with strength, power and superhero aura, Diana is one of the most successful characters of DC Comics and I’m sure it is meant to be a real hit also at the box office. Of course, once she is freed from other appendixes she had before like Superman and Batman……

Talking about boys, the male role of Wonder Woman picture, very well acted by Chris Pine (Star Trek), is scripted to add a little irony and lightness to the dialogues and to play a lovely support to the passionate idealism incarnated by Diana. Also the rest of the cast is perfectly chosen, nobody could have been better Amazons than kick-ass Connie Nielsen (The Gladiator) and Robin Wright (House of Cards).

There are sooooo many expectations and so much talk on the web for the release of the film that also the foodie planet wanted to have a say. The winner of the ideal food web star competition is without doubt a restaurant in Tampa that created the most amazing and iconic burger ever seen!

Title: Amazon Warrior Burger for Wonder Woman

Director: Datz Restaurant

Cast of Ingredients 🙂

3 buns colored in red, yellow and blue, American and Cheddar cheese stars, 2 beef patties, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickle, onion, pineapple.


The giant hamburger is served only on the date of the release of the movie, but it has already made the web go crazy thanks to its WONDERful looks. The coolest feature is represented by the stars on top of the blue bun that reminds us of the original costume worn by Lynda Carter in the TV series.

Moreover, a burger could not be a better combination for this picture that shows us the origins of Wonder Woman, meaning her younger years as the Princess of the Amazons.


As soon as they were born Amazons were fed with a mare’s milk to grow up with the horse strength in their blood, and since they reached childhood they ate mainly raw or very little cooked meat to keep up with strenuous training to become warriors.

I don’t know much about the pineapple though 🙂 but what can I say? I’m Italian, I would not put pineapple either in burgers nor in pizza!

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